Saturday, 2 March 2013

Vintage Outfits: Red Vintage Cardigan and a Black and Blue Tea Dress

I'm trying something a little different today as I realised although I frequently post on what I wear to events and the such like, I rarely talk about the things I wear on a day to day basis. Part of that could be to do with the fact I wear a very un-flattering uniform at work but also because I have been a bit of a lazy blogger until recently.

A few weeks ago I decided to start working full time, which means uniform 4-5 days a week from next week onwards *eep* so I thought I could start recording the things I wear on my days off and trying to make them a bit more special. Occasionally I go a bit crazy with what I wear to walk to work too but I'll post on that if it happens.

Welcome to Daily Dresscapades

Last weekend I was off to Scarborough via York to spend the long weekend with my husband. The weather was cool but not cold an looked changeable. I was also packing clothes for 3 days into a very tiny bag so a mix and match capsule wardrobe was a must.

My go to colour for mixing is blue, generally some form of blue print dress, and my favourite colours to match with it with are black (I know shocking!) red and mustard.

I managed to pack up two blue dresses and to travel I wore this lovely black dress with a floral print that looks something between retro/vintage and modern. I really like the shirt dress style and the crepe fabric is lovely, but the very best thing about this dress was that I got it for a newer £4 from eBay (it's originally from Next).

I paired it with a vintage wine red cardigan which has been relegated to the back of the wardrobe all summer as its very warm, but now the weather is turning its ready to come out again. It's feature piece is the lovely crochet collar - but all the labels are removed so I have no idea who made this but it itches a bit so I'm guessing it a rough wool mix.

The best thing was that I could pair the cardigan with the other dresses I had packed for the weekend!

The final part of my capsule weekend wardrobe was my Clarks brogues. They are a lovely wine burgundy colour and patent so they don't scuff much, which is a godsend for me, and they are really comfortable. Having said that - I'm a total sucker for a pair of brogues!


  1. Love that outfit- especially the brogues. Great shoes!

    1. They are very quickly becoming my favourites :)


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