Monday, 10 December 2012

Vintage Events: 'Introducing Barberpop' - The Scarlet Street EP Launch

Last Friday I was a lucky blogger and was invited to the Scarlet Street EP launch for Introducing Barberpop. I wrote a brief heads up about this group a few posts ago so I won't go into too much detail on that here.

The launch was held at Jimmyz Bar on the trendy Newcastle quayside and the whole bar was booked for the private party.

Upon arrival (right on time for a change) it was quiet enough for my husband and I to get a drink and I could take a few snapshots of the decorations around the bar.

There were posters showing the EP album work scattered around but Scarlet Street had even had their own coasters printed for the event! This was definitely a favourite touch of Mr Fancy who collects such trinkets.

The group also has a special cocktail menu devised for the event - a class act all the way! I very much appreciated that one of the drinks was called 'The Jen' (on a side note I should have known I would appreciate this band when upon first speaking to the famous Jen she said 'Oh! Hi Jennie - great name by the way!') Sadly 'The Jen' cocktail was not really my thing as I'm not a fan of Tia Maria. 'The Zita' however was something I could happily sip on (that sounds ruder than its meant to).

The first act of the night was a rockabilly band named the Honey Bop Trio who sang around 10 songs and were thoroughly entertaining while I took pictures of the band. Who were impeccably dressed by the way!

The ever humble Scarlet Street served guests with delicious canap├ęs wearing a collection of retro pinnies.

After the band there was a burlesque act by the Sisters of Tease. They did several strips and it was really fun to hear the gasps and giggles from the audience.

Then on to the main event. Scarlet Street performed several of their YouTube classics while bathed in a red light and wearing red. I've always been a fan of ladies wearing red and I have to say these gals looked fantastic.

After a few acapella tracks they moved on to perform the original songs from the EP - and they are certainly very good!

Annoyingly my last train home was at half past 10 so I didn't get so see the whole set but I saw about 6 songs and they were all fantastic.

I would highly recommend Scarlet Street to everyone who is a fan of that close harmony big band barbershop style.

You can buy their EP online at CD Baby now and it will be available on iTunes soon!

Oh and one last picture - just in case you were wondering what I wore for the evening:

Sorry I look a little dishevelled - I got thoroughly rained on while walking to the bar and my hair does not survive well in the damp.

That's all from me for now.

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