Friday, 14 December 2012

Vintage Outfit: Red Tartan and a New Hat

At the moment I have a little bit of an obsession with tartan. When I get a few spare moments I'm hoping to make a plaid dress, but before that I have satisfied my plaid lust with a couple of skirts. The first is is one I mentioned here.

The second one is this lovely bright red one. It is a Viyella wool pleated midi skirt, c.1990, that I bought online. It is a little but long but it keeps me nice and warm.

The coat I am wearing on this picture is one I have worn a lot this winter and features in a few previous posts.

This hat is a small American Style hat made of straw in a sort of coral and red colour. It's a very cute little day hat which is probably not best suited to sit upon my nest of hair but oh well! I think it should have sat a little further forward but I need to experiment with it.

Recently I've been playing with the VA Hollywood costume app so I'll have a post on that soon!


  1. Great tartan skirt. You look great:)

  2. I'm loving tartan at the moment too!
    I wish long skirts looked good on me like you, but I'm just too short to rock the long skirt look!

    Check out the Christmas giveaway too (: !

  3. I love your tartan skirt! There's nothing more wintery than a touch of tartan.


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