Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Red Sun Dress for the Durham Miners Gala 2013

And the heat goes on (haha, that was a pun... sorry).

The week before last I went to the Durham Miners Gala. It was a beautiful day for it, but I can't imaging how hot some of those people playing in the brass bands or carrying the banners must have been.

If you don't know the Miners Gala is a event that occurs every year in Durham, it is a chance for all the different workers unions to get together as a celebration of unity and a little bit of socialism I suppose. I don't really know enough about the history of the pits and the gala to give any in depth explanation of the event, but it seems to be something a lot of local communities get involved in (more info here).

It was super busy as you can see from these photos (taken by my Dad)!

 The different groups bring banners and bands through the roads in Durham and march towards the racecourse where I believe they have political speakers and a bit of a party. My family and I ventured into town to and looked at the banners and listened to lots of the bands.

I did manage to steal away from the crowds to have a moment of quiet and a photograph in a fairly desserted back street.

I decided to wear a red sun dress from Monsoon - one of this seasons anniversary collection that celebrates 40 years of the brand - and reminds me a lot of those boho dresses from the 1970s. Perfect for a hot summer.

Here's a closer shot of the dress too:

I'm just about finished work and packing for now until I move back to the south so I am very grateful to have a bit of time to relax in the sunshine...

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