Thursday, 20 February 2014

Vintage Outfit: Red vs blue reversable vintage cape

Oh, it's been a little while since I last posted, but luckily I'm back with something pretty cool!

I am a mega fan of a vintage cape, I now have 3 in my collection, and so far one of them featured on my blog back in this post. I am now sharing my super versatile winter cape!

This cape was a pretty lucky eBay find and I managed to snipe it for just under £20. The best part is that it is two capes in one as it is reversible.

I honestly have no idea when this cape is from, a wild guess would be 60s/70s but I don't really know. Plaid is one of my all time favourites and especially the various red types that are around, this pattern is red and blue so that it goes with the simple blue on the under side.

Here are each of the reversible sides of the cape:

(the satchel came from Yoshi by the way, they have some really lovely printed leather bags!)

Here is a close up of the tartan. 

I actually have a little Scottish blood in my family so I had to look up the tartan (the Scott family) and found that it was a red one, as I had expected, but it is red and green not red and blue.

It can be quite difficult to properly dress a cape as the size and shape can sometimes make you a bit wider in unusual places. I think dressing with simple lines under a cape is a good idea as I feel that something too poofy and flouncy would spoil the effect.

My outfit of choice continued the red and blue theme with a navy blue pencil skirt, vintage red jumper and a peter pan collar blouse.

These glasses are some of my current favourites from the Ozeal website. I'm also really pleased that my hair is finally long enough to be able to do rolls and things. I pleased that I'm finally getting the hang of styling it enough to maybe have a go at telling you how I do it... although perhaps a little more practice first.

Vintage cape: eBay
Bag: Yoshi Satchels
Scarf: Thrifted
Pencil Skirt: St. Michael
Jumper: Vintage thrifted
Brogues: Clarks
Blouse: New Look

Wearing a cape always makes me feel a little a super hero.

Do you have any clothing items that make you feel super?


  1. I am Scotch as well, I'm sure you can tell from my name, and love tartans. Beautiful ensemble, Jennie!

  2. I found this great cape in a store, I just haven't been brave enough (nor fashion savvy enough) to wear it. I do need to invest in a good pencil skirt though.

  3. i have cape envy! what a great piece! ... love your glasses aswell!

  4. I love that cape! You look great. Fellow (part) Scot over here, and I'd love to get something with my family's tartan on too. I can never find anything.


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