Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A trip to Hyper Japan

So a few weeks ago I went to Hyper Japan at Earls Court in London. It was an event celebrating all things Japanese and it was a lot of fun!

I went dressed as Princess Zelda form Skyward Sword (you can read about that costume here) which was actually a pretty good choice as Nintendo had a big presence there. They had lots of games to try although queues were quite long as there wasn't really any other game presence there. I did get to have a go on the 3DS version of Smash Brothers where I played as Kirby and won my bout (haha).

I also met Pikachu! But he was quite a bit bigger than I imagined...

They also had examples of the new Amiibo s which are sort of like a Nintendo version of Skylanders or Disney Infinity. The figures were beautiful to look at, really detailed and well thought out I can't wait to get one! Sadly the picture doesn't really do their wonder justice.

There was also a lot of Tomodatchi Life around to play on, but since I have that game I gave it a miss. My husband had a lot of fun wanting to buy everything at the Official Nintendo shop but he exercised great restraint... unlike me :S

The official Nintendo store was not the only presence they had, there were plushies, cosplay props and novelty t-shirts galore!

The shopping was pretty great in general, there were lots of imported goods, and while things weren't exactly cheap, they weren't exactly expensive either.

So many bonsai...

Yet more Nintendo...

Oh how I want this Rilakkuma bike, I never thought I would want a brown bike.

There was also quite a lot of Sailor Moon around. I loved this laser cut jewellery by Glitter Bomb so much so I bought a heart transformation brooch necklace inspired by Sailor Moon S.

There were also some really awesome Sailor Moon bows and collars for costumes sold by The Naked Lace Company:

I wouldn't say I went completely crazy shopping wise, but I did get a few things I was lucky enough to win 3 pairs of false eyelashes at the Dolluxe stall.

But my most favourite item by far were my Les Kyoties cat ears from the Lady Gadget stall. They were so adorable and the pink matched my costume so perfectly how could I not wear them home?!

There are so many different colours available, I'l thinking I want these to b my cat Princess Peach/Zelda ears and I will get some others to go with more general outfits. You can see all the colours here and like Ladt Gadget's facebook page here (although its in French).

I also spotted that Retro Chick posted some cat ears on her blog too.

I read on Retro Chick's blog that she had a lot of trouble getting something to eat and I can completely agree that there either wasn't enough food outlets to cater for the number of people or they simply weren't efficient enough.

My husband and I were very lucky that we brought our own breakfast sandwiches so that of set out meal times compared to the rest of the people at the convention. We got some really yummy shaved ice around the time most people were getting their lunch, then we got some takoyaki while there was an after lunch lull at about 3pm. We still had to wait about 15 minutes but that wasn't too bad.

It was worth the wait... yummy!!!

There were also a few random exhibition pieces, for example the outfit from Kyary Pamyu meme-tastic video Pon Pon Pon:

And some really cute tiny robots that could do amazing things like dance and climb:

And then there was the cosplay. There was no where near as much cosplay as I have seen at some other events but what there was was pretty good! Hyper Japan held the heats for the European Cosplay Gathering and had some previous winners as guest judges.

Cersei Lannister


And eventual winers of the team and individual competition:

Last but not least there were several drawing areas proving that manga is just as popular as ever...

Images ranged from the simple and super cute:

To the absolutely beautiful:

There will be a Hyper Japan Christmas Market in November with I'm sure just as many goodies as their summer event (check here for details).

Have I tempted you to try a bit of Japanese culture?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Vintage Event: Tunbridge Wells Pantiles Vintage Fair

The last weekend in July was Tunbridge Wells vintage fair. The fair lasted Saturday and Sunday but I was only able to make the Saturday so I was determined to make the most of it!

Since the weather has been so lovely I decided it was time for another outing for my Vivien of Holloway Kitty dress (It's currently on sale too!). This was my first ever VoH dress and I bought it for my graduation but I love it so much I have been wearing it every chance I get.

I also wore this red/pink vintage hat. My favourite type of hat is the the sort that sits on the back of your head, I'm not quite sure what they are called but I've been a bit obsessed over that style since I watched bomb girls. I've had this one a while now it was a lucky eBay buy :)

The Pantiles is not a huge area in Tunbridge Wells, but they managed to pack quite a few stalls into the area. Enough to keep me going anyway :)

Good ol' Laura Ashley dresses, shame they're not in my size...

Part of me did want a tea-cup pin cushion. I am normally against the use of beautiful old china but I do admit that the odd random mismatched piece needs using somehow.

There was also entertainment on the bandstand

They also had some vintage cars, I couldn't resist doing a picture

I did find some amazing vintage glasses though. I've been looking for some genuine vintage specs for a while and I didn't dare buy any of eBay as I really wanted to try them myself before I bought them. Although that does cause problems when you are trying glasses that are not your prescription... I could barely see myself in the mirror so I had to take some pictures so I could see how they looked!

Both pairs are 1960s and it only cost £20 for them both :) I do still need to get them re-glazed however.

I also got 3 dresses. The green one looks a bit rubbish on the hanger, but it was a lovely fit and a nice warm fabric so I will be putting it away for the winter. The other two will be great for the summer.

Last but not least I also got an early plastics choker necklace from around the 1960s that I actually had a jewellery specialist on another stall look at (cheeky I know). I'm pretty sure it was a total bargain at £5! I just loved the colour though, I love the combination of yellow and blue so I know I will be wearing this necklace with all my blue dresses.

I love a good vintage fair, but there aren't too many around me, can you recommend any good ones?

Outfit details:
Dress: Vivien of Holloway
Shoes: M&S
Hat: Vintage via eBay
Belt: Hell Bunny
Bracelet: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Sunglasses: North Laines

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Officially a doctor, now I need to change my surname to Who...

Earlier this month was my graduation!

The process of getting through my PhD has been a long one, I can't believe I left the lab to write up over two and a half years ago! Somehow the rest of life just took over and having to find the time to sort out thesis binding and editing parts of my thesis just took a back seat.

However now it is done! I have the certificate!

Now I must change everything so that it says Doctor ;)

So since I went to the University of Sussex the graduation ceremony was at the Brighton Dome which was a pretty swish location. 

Of course I wanted a nice dress to wear so I was able to rely on Vivien of Holloway to provide that. I was also super grateful that my hair decided to behave (a miracle given the heat and humidity!).

Here is a pre-gown selfie.

And after graduation transformation...

Because I was graduating with a PhD it meant that I had to wear a very swishy gown in red and bright blue, with a black velvet tudor bonnet (I always felt it looked like a squashed teabag than a bonnet but whatever).

I didn't think I would care that much about the fancy robe, but being one of about 12 in red out of hundreds in red and black, I couldn't help but feel a little bit special...

And the back:

After the ceremony we were able to frolic around the dome and the Pavilion for a few hours before we had to take the gowns back. This made a great backdrop for photos so I couldn't help but have a play.

The pictures below featuring the umbrella I got for my wedding and the photo with my husband (another important part of my wedding) are my two favourite pictures from the day.

Something really great about the whole day was the fact that my brother was also graduating with a degree in chemistry so it meant that my parents got to see us graduate together.

Of course a little graduation silliness was had by all:

At one point we even swapped robes, mostly because we could, although I have to say I felt distinctly less special in the black robes compared to the red...

It was a pretty nice day, although our university chancellor (Sanjeev Bhaskar) was unable to make it for the ceremony because of filming. He did leave a postcard with an IOU on it though. It is not my mission to cash this in one day.

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