Thursday, 10 May 2012

Whoop! My first Blog Award - The Versatile Blogger

Hi there! A bit of an odd post this, but a fun one (for me at least) I won an award.

My fellow blogger, the lovely author over at Graveyards and Grasslands, nominated me for the award in March this year (yes I know I'm fairly late in posting on this). This is my first blog award, so I'm very grateful to Laura for choosing me as one of the recipients of this award. Graveyards and Grasslands covers a lot about books and literature, but also film reviews and other things.

So upon receiving this award I have a few duties:

The first is to tell readers and my nominator seven unknown things about myself -

  • I have wanted to write for a long time, but I always felt so afraid to jump into it because I believed my writing was so terrible. Blogging has been very therapeutic for my dyslexia.
  • I am incredibly obsessive and compulsive, I like collecting things, completing sets etc. this is why comic books and clothing appeals to me so much.
  • I hate getting out of bed in the morning! I typically style my hair, pack things up and prepare the night before so I can maximise morning lounge time.
  • My ultimate fancy dress costumes would be Rogue from X-men and Spiderwoman.
  • As of yet I have no idea how to make the catsuits that are important parts of these costumes, but I have been trying to get as much sewing experience as possible so that one day I can.
  • Lastly, I get very annoyed at sci-fi programmes when their scientific details are so wrong it just boggles my mind. Luckily I don't chose to blog about that!
  • I try not to put myself into any box too much, I'm geeky, girly and I love dresses. I like to dress with a slightly retro style because I feel it suits my shape and personality, I hope everyone else can find their style niche too.

Lastly I need to nominate some other bloggers for this award! They're all ones I take a peek at on a regular basis. While a lot of them are female centred lifestyle blogs, there are a few others thrown in for good measure so take a look (A few are pretty big so may already have this award, but I like them anyway and still wish to give kudos).

Here they are, you can click on the names for a link to the blog :)

So thats if for now. I'll be back soon with some pics of a few things I've been collecting for my wedding!

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  1. Hello there JWW (yeah I'm starting early!) Congratulations on the award. I tried to post this a couple of days agao but I was trying to use the smart phone about 2 mintues after I'd woken up so it obviously didn't happen. Anyway, well done and thanks for reccomending me!


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