Monday, 21 January 2013

Thesis submission and a wedding article!

Hello blog world!

I apologise for disappearing for the vast majority of January so that I could finish my thesis, but I am all submitted not and officially back.

This post is just a little prod to remind people I am here and also tell you about another project of mine that was recently published.

I wrote an article for Your Perfect Wedding 2013 magazine on the process of choosing and ensuring you get your perfect wedding dress.

It was a fun project and I ended up putting quite a bit of work into it (and got to talk to lost of people about their weddings) although they did cut some of it out. But its still my first in print freelance article!

Here's a couple of pictures from my article. I'm quite proud as you can probably tell...

On a side not the magazine looks quite helpful if anyone happens to be planning their wedding. I know looking at things like this certainly helped me.


  1. That article looks great! Haha I am old an married so sadly have no need to read it, but I am sure it will be great for brides.

  2. :) super congrats on being published! That's really awesome!


  3. Hi

    well done on both achievements, I just wondered if the magazine is out as I'd love to read your article?

    congrats and hope the viva goes ok! :D

    1. Yes Katie the magazine is out, I picked it up in the post office in St. James' street. But If you want I can send you the article since you're already married and all that? Sadly they cut most of the real life stories so only one made it and it was my friend who had a vintage dress so I wouldn't want you to buy it when they cut the stuff you sent me (sorry about that!).

    2. Hey, yes I'd still love to read the article anyway, if you could send it that would be great :D


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